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Customer Specific Projects and Modifications


Complex Customer projects are challenging you – Dynovus can support you efficiently and according to the guidelines

The customer wants his individual processes and requirements to be implemented into the system. Fast, cost efficient and easy to maintain. He has the enhancement of his users productivity in mind. Also the performance of the system should be maximized. From the first meeting up to the successfully finish of the project both parties invest a lot of time and energy. We provide the manpower to fit to all those requirements.

Our project manager relieves you of your tensionsand the responsibility about the delivery on time.He coordinates and supervises every single project phase like gathering of the requirements “analysis of the current state” and detailed tests, the documentation and the training of the users up to the successful go live. Use your resources there, where they are most profitable for you! Based on our price policy we can guarantee that every project with us will be a very attractive business for you and your customers as well.
Your benifits: Daily business without fixed costs – we will be there when you need us.

Fixed price after handing over the requirement document


Complex Customer projects are challenging you – Dynovus can support you efficient and according to the guidelines
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