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Add-On Module Creation, -Development, -Upgrade and Maintenance

You recognize the Market Potential - We develop the fitting Add-On Module

A business solution conclusively placed on the market, compact and clear and up to date. The perfect based for continuously business and stronger customer relation.  You have together with your customer the business know-how. We transform the knowledge into a solution. Fast, with precession, well documented and ready for the future. And the best: The development cost is very compatible. The effort for the concept will be amortized (Break even) fast. Dynovus is the strong partner on place when you are looking for a strong relation based on high quality and a very cost efficient add-on development. We can join in every project phase, at the gathering of the requirements, the concept and design creation, the development and documentation up to the data migration and on after-go live support. Our Services contains as well tests, user documentation and the online-help. We optimize the solution for user productivity, system performance and develop at the given standards to support the certification of the product. We also can maintain the solution based on changed requirements and improvements. Old Versions will still be supported.
Use Your Chance On the Market – We deliver the tailor-made product.

Monthly payroll for a fixed price on the basis of a
defined development teams and payroll expenses


You recognize the Market Potential - We develop the fitting Add-On Module
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